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Friday, August 11, 2006


Police were today searching for a Pakistani male whose movements earlier this week were described as "unusual".

Update: Idiocy amended. Also, strange that I could not find a single usable picture of Inzy's demise to, er, borrow.


  • Never mind that, the grammar police have an APB out on you for improper use of "who's".

    As for "what's in a name", I see that just after saying Monty was great, Fletcher & Co have left him out of the ICC thingy "squad" of 30 they were obliged to name. It's a shame they don't do that preliminary squad of 40 in football any more because usually one or two complete jokers sneak in.

    Anyway according to the paper I read one "G Onions" has been called up. The only detail added was that "Onions is a promising medium fast bowler". I know I could summon up his first name in a flash with the power of google, but I'd rather not. He'll always be G Onions to me.


    By Blogger Andy_Ward, at 9:43 pm  

  • 30 man squads, dontcha just love 'em.

    The most interesting thing about about Onions is that he usually comes in after Mustard. Unfortunately, Durham do not also have a player called Hotdog.

    By Blogger Fred Titmus, at 9:42 pm  

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