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Monday, July 17, 2006

Fat is a Cricketing Issue

Thanks to the always entertaining late night schedules on Channel Five, I have just watched coverage of an hilarious tournament held earlier this year in Bermuda. Having qualified for next year's World Cup, the obvious preparation was a 20/20 competition featuring seven international over-35 teams, and the Bermudan international squad.

England's team consisted of most of the "new Bothams" of the 1990's (Austin, DeFreitas, Capel, Wells, Lewis), although it was the South Africans who decided to take it seriously, and won the competition at a canter.

But the highlight for me was my first sight of Bermudan slow left arm bowler Dwayne Leverock. A man mountain officially weighing in at 19 stone, although he may have had only one leg on the scales at the time. This giant of the game proves that to play international cricket there is no need to follow a Kate Moss diet, nor to forego those all important mid-afternoon snacks, so vital for the aspiring sportsman. He is officially my new hero, and I can't wait to see him perform in the West Indies next spring.


  • He looks cool. I should think he saves a few runs off his bowling by standing in the general vicinity of the batsman's running, causing him to take a five yard detour.


    By Blogger Andy_Ward, at 4:38 am  

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