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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Suicide Solution

While browsing the cricket books in the library the other day I came across David Frith's "Silence Of The Heart". Having seen this recommended in a paper a few weeks back I checked it out. It is, if you didn't know, about cricket suicides and (purportedly) why so many participants in the noble game end up sticking their heads in the oven.

Frankly I think I could have told you why myself. Because so many cricketers are twats who are 100 times more interested in their average and bitching at each other than they are in expressing and/or dealing with emotions. Still, maybe I was wrong, and perhaps this book would shed some insight, not that a group of well-adjusted emotionally stable people like the contributors to this blog could possibly need any.

Sadly, unless it's all buried in chapter 16 or something, it doesn't. It's like a cross between Wisden and a coroner's report. So and so took 500 wickets for Somerset and shot himself. Whosit held the record third wicket partnership for Eastern Province and jumped off a bridge. This other guy took 7 catches in a test innings and walked off into the Outback (actually that one was pretty cool). There's very little attempt at explaining anything, it's just a seemingly never-ending litany. Who would have thought a book about suicide could be so depressing.


  • Frith is one of the most lugubrious men you could ever hope (?) to meet.

    Every year, usually during the Oval test, the NFT have an evening devoted to old cricket film - some of it from the 19th century - retrieved from their archive. On the two occasions I've been, it was narrated by Frith, who's chief delight seemed to be advising the audience of the untimely demise of one or other of the players depicted.

    By Blogger Fred Titmus, at 12:09 am  

  • Who's chief delight ?

    I think the gentleman's way out might be best for you too.


    By Blogger Andy_Ward, at 12:30 am  

  • There will be no shortage of people proffering the loaded revolver.

    By Blogger Fred Titmus, at 1:14 am  

  • Small world Allan. I've been to a couple of those screenings.

    They're all quite interesting from an historical perspective, but light on the cricket. They'll have two frames of Wally Hammond in the nets and that will be it.

    Wasn't Frith in hot water for alleged racist comments he made? I can't remember the details but it rings a bell.

    By Anonymous jamie, at 12:15 pm  

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